Vijai Garg

Founder & Executive Chairman

Vijai Garg has enjoyed a successful and versatile career marked by many achievements. During his tenure at the Department of Space in India (1979-1989), his creativity manifested itself in the area of computer analysis where he developed logical techniques to overcome their computers’ physical limitations. Mr. Garg’s work resulted in enormous cost savings for the department in computing power and resources. During his career with the Department of Space, Mr. Garg specialized in the optimization of computer processing and memory usage.

Mr. Garg later joined GDI, in Irvine, California where he was involved in the development of ChESS in PRO-IV (an ERP solution from Xerox Computer Services later known as GLOVIA from Fujitsu). Realizing the strong back-end of the PRO-IV virtual machine, Mr. Garg developed the SuperLayer architecture, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolset. SuperLayer was developed in SuperLayer itself and is an abstract layer of the PRO-IV language. These 4GL forerunners allowed application developers to focus only on business knowledge, independent of technology details. The Director of Development for one of the largest users of SuperLayer said, “Our productivity is curtailed only by the speed of thinking but with SuperLayer one can develop faster than one thinks”.

Mr. Garg founded PROplus Technology Inc in 2016 to promote OpenLayer framework. Earlier Mr. Garg founded PROplus Systems, Inc. in 1996 to support the PRO-IV and SuperLayer communities. As founder and CEO, he brings a unique combination of technical experience along with understanding the pragmatic business values associated with these technologies.

Mr. Garg is a member of International WHO´S WHO Historical Society which has recognized his contributions to the information technology and business worlds. His most recent achievement is the conception and architecture of OpenLayer, an open user interface for client-server applications.

Diwakar Mani

Mani Diwakar is another great addition to our team. PROplus is proud to have Mr. Mani Diwakar. He comes with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. His long employment in the United States has given him an understanding of the needs and high standards of the US marketplace.

Mr. Diwakar was previously employed with Glovia International for over five years fulfilling multiple responsibilities including the design and development of  automotive functionality, e-products , and tools; additionally, he managed and trained large offshore teams.  Mr. Diwakar has both broad knowledge and extensive experience in applications and technology.

Mr. Diwakar is an Electronics and Communication Engineer and possesses a tremendous understanding of software development processes that produce quality software. He is a fluent and personable communicator, a great team player and leader. Throughout his multifaceted career, he has placed a high priority on integrity and excellence.

Ronald Buschur

Mr. Buschur’s knowledge and experience of all aspects of the business combined with his leadership and extensive experience in operations, executive management, and quality assurance, sales & marketing at other technology companies positions him well to serve as PROPlus Technology Inc. President, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Director.

Mr. Buschur has held various Senior Executive and Board of Director’s positions. Currently Mr. Buschur is also serving as an Executive Advisor and Board member to Cloud Analytics Inc. and Nexvisionix Technology Inc.

Mr. Buschur held various positions at Powerwave Technology Inc. including Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors from 2005 to February 2012.

  • President & COO from May 2004 to 2005.
  • Chief Operating Officer from 2001 to May of 2004
  • Mr. Buschur held various positions at HMT Technology, including President and Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors from 1999 to 2001.
  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing 1997 to 1999
  • Vice President of Customer & Quality Assurance from 1994 to 1997.
  • From 1993 to 1994, Mr. Buschur was Senior Director of Quality Assurance at Maxtor Corporation.
  • Prior to joining Maxtor he held multiple managerial positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and Alcoa Aluminum from 1984 to 1993.

Kevin Michaels

Kevin T. Michaels is a senior financial executive with extensive global experience in fast-paced, accelerated-growth environments as well as IPO experience. He has provided financial consulting services to various software startup companies from 2014 to 2016.

Mr. Michaels was the Chief Financial Officer of Powerwave Technologies from 1996 to 2013, where he was responsible for the IPO and all finance, accounting, legal, contracts and information systems for the global designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless infrastructure solutions. From 1988 to 1996, he worked for AST Research, Inc., most recently as Vice President, Treasurer.

Mr. Michaels also held various Treasury positions with MGM/UA Communications, Co. (1986 to 1988) and Santa Fe International Corporation (1982 – 1986). Mr. Michaels holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.