OpenLayer provides organizations with a new and innovative alternative to traditional integration and optimization approaches.

OpenLayer requires no application or database development and creates no footprint on your servers and/or user devices.


The next generation of integrating applications and data.

OpenLayer™ extends legacy applications to the cloud. Take full advantage of the increased productivity accessing your existing applications anytime/anywhere.


1. Integrate

Minimize application & business process integration time by eliminating the need for application and database level development.

2. Access

Anytime/anywhere access to any business application via any web browser.

3. Extend

Personalize user experiences across internal, external, and cloud services.


Configurable UI

OpenLayer supports a robust, configurable UI. Configurations are managed at three levels: user, group, and system. Applications look and function as if it were multiple applications.

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No Code Changes

OpenLayer does not require any changes to your application’s business logic. OpenLayer also permits the front designer to work on the front end without impacting the business logic.

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No Client Install

OpenLayer is a true Web 2.0 application that supports all web browsers; there is no client software to install. The interface mirrors the expected Windows or web-based application.

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Enable SOA

There’s a need for software that encompass the Services Oriented Architecture. OpenLayer brings existing trusted legacy application’s screen interface to SOA compliance.

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What our users have to say.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few things that users have had to say about OpenLayer, and how they’ve been able to apply it in their everyday business practices.

The PROplus OpenLayer suite of products has extended our use and access of the ERP system. We are developing custom user access views to the native ERP programs. We also use the Openlayer Suite as the access platform for propriety programs that extend the ERP to better meet our specific business needs. We have determined that the Openlayer suite has proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Ralph Falero
CFO - Barnhardt Manufacturing

A smart, purely
universal solution.

OpenLayer is decoupled from any single application or portal. Rather, it serves as a universal mechanism for accessing any application or service through any device. It also is the user interface for SOA, allowing IT departments to invoke and universally deploy applications from any source inside the enterprise or out in the cloud. OpenLayer is 100% compatible with your applications, devices and browsers.

Scripts & SOAs100%
Mobile Devices & Tablets100%
Browser Integration100%
Cloud Integration100%